Spanish 1, 2 and 3 courses are meant to be an equivalent in both content and difficulty to analogous college Spanish language courses. Through participation in our course, students will complete a thorough review of Spanish grammar and build their proficiency in the areas of speaking, listening, writing, reading and vocabulary. 

While the goal of our course is to prepare students to be successful in the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam, we encourage students to step further beyond language acquisition to language application through the use of catching fun tasks, games, drama playing, hangman and other activities that sparks the student’s desire to use their acquired Spanish skills in a real-life setting. In this way, our programs lay solid academic foundations and make language learning a lifetime strive.

Our courses seek to develop language skills that can be applied in the student’s future professional careers. Extensive practice in the analysis and synthesis of materials as well as the organization and writing of compositions is emphasized. Our Spanish classes are conducted by experienced professionals who are native to the Spanish language and proficient in its grammar structure. conducted completely in Spanish and students are expected to speak in Spanish at all times. Students are expected and encouraged to active in-class participation in order to maintain a satisfactory academic grade. 

When students complete our courses, they should feel confident in their ability to communicate in Spanish in any situation, anywhere.