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Complaint Procedure

Complaints by parents of Spanish Bay Area in regards to classes/ teacher/ at a particular location-

Step 1. If the complaint is about a teacher, parents must first meet with the teacher at a mutually agreeable time with or without Luis (owner of SBA) and find a mutually agreeable solution.

Step 2. If the issue is not resolved in Step 1, the parent should notify Luis Barnett at spanishbayarea@gmail.com . Luis shall arrange for a meeting with the teacher and the complainant. Luis shall find a compromising solution with a definite timeline to resolve the issue. Luis’s decision will be final in regards to the solution.

Complaints by Teachers– regarding a student-

Step 1: Teacher shall first have an initial meeting with the parent and provide them the facts and warn them of consequences
Step 2: If the issue continues after step 1, teacher, Luis shall meet with the parent and try to find an amicable solution.