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Lesson of the Week

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This fun and educational video is presented by Spanish Bay Area as a tool for children and their parents to review and learn together. The voices you hear are actual Spanish Bay Area students aged 10, 11 and 12. These students have not only learned a high academic level of Spanish, but have also learned to speak with the excellent pronunciation you hear in the video. Both young students and their parents will appreciate hearing the youthful voices throughout the video.

This video program is intended for students at Spanish Level 1 and up. In the video, we use a series of “Magic Words” that we teach children as part of everyday, polite and courteous conversation. Teaching these “Magic Words” in a second language, in this case, Spanish, reinforces their use and allows for easy and common repetition throughout the day in normal conversation.

The video displays the “Magic Words” in both English and Spanish to provide visual learning and spelling alongside the auditory learning. By breaking the Spanish words down into syllables, we are reinforcing the pronunciation and phonetic patterning.

The video is accompanied by a worksheet that can be used along with the video. The worksheet will allow for a fun and engaging way to practice the new “Magic Words” to help the child remember what they have learned.